The Family Fix

Simple, Whole Home

GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi blankets your home inside and out with seamless connectivity and speed

Easy Setup and Control

Setup your WiFi, control access, and resolve connectivity issues easily – all from the IWantMoreIQ® app

Safe and Secure

Create a personalized WiFi experience for everyone in your home with ExperienceIQ™ enhanced parental controls

Whole Home WiFi

WiFi is the glue that binds our digital life. Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, or relaxing at home - it just needs to run smoothly. With GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi you can:

  • Connect more than 200 devices in minutes
  • Expands full speed WiFi, inside and outside your home
  • Assign device prioritization of WiFi 
  • Set WiFi time limits on devices and users

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