WiFi Certified 6E System is Here

 Welcome to the new standard in home connectivity. 

Hello, WiFi 6E. Goodbye, Congestion.

Enjoy high stability, ultra -fast connectivity and crystal clear connected experiences on the new dedicated 6 GHz WiFi 6E spectrum.

WiFi Tech Blasts Off

6 GHz Channel

Reduced congestion and interference = Faster speeds and reduced latency

More Spectrum

4x more capacity for more devices

More WiFi Channels

3.5x more bandwidth available for heavy consumption applications like video conferencing, 8K video streaming and VR/AR

Ultra-Low Latency

Less traffic on the 6 GHz band gives you lowest lag and latency for quality output of WiFi intensive applications like connected cameras, video-conferencing, 8K video and online gaming

Cutting-Edge Security

With ProtectIQ and built-in WAP3 Security you’ll have the highest WiFi security available.

Don’t Just Connect, Control.

Better together.

  • Set up dedicated networks and control device access
  • Create profiles for all users in your home
  • Set rules, restriction and limits to content, screen time, worktime priorities and disconnect time