We're dedicated to building a comprehensive library of helpful how-to videos for our valued customers. While we continue to expand our collection, here are some of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in the meantime.

What is your support like?

What are the support hours?
General support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with emergency after hours support available 24/7. Most of the time we will pick up the phone while it is ringing, or we will call you back within a few minutes, if all our our technicians are helping other customers. 

Are your technicians based over seas?
All support technicians are based locally in the Peace Country.

How many calls or escalations does it take before you get a resolution?
Because we are a small, versatile team, the technicians answering general support are often the same technicians that visit homes, businesses, or even towers and network sites. This means that you are going to be able to have a common sense conversation with an expert that understands our network, and what is needed to make that work for your situation in your location. Most of our support calls end fully resolved, or with a scheduled visit planned.

What do I do if my internet is not working?

1. Ensure your wifi is turned on. In the bottom right or top right corner of your computer screen you will see your wifi network symbol. If this has an error symbol on it, or looks empty that means your wifi is not connected. Try clicking on this to make sure you are connected to the correct network.

2. Power Cycle. Unplug your router and radio for 15 seconds and then plug everything back in. Sometimes your router or radio just needs rebooted to work at its full capabilities.

3. Make sure your cables are connected properly.

4. Check your cables for damage. 

5. Check your radio outside for damage.

6. Check your power lights. Look on your router to ensure that there is three different lights on. These are your power, wifi, and internet lights. If one of these is off call your IWW technician.

If you've tried the above or aren't sure what to do in one of these steps give one of our Technicians a call at 780-833-6347

Can my technical issues be resolved remotely?

In most cases, we can monitor and resolve network issues remotely from our office. Occasionally, we may request screen sharing to pinpoint specific issues, all still handled remotely for your convenience. If remote solutions aren't feasible, we'll promptly schedule an onsite visit by one of our skilled technicians to address the issue directly.

Can I get you to set up my devices as well?

Though technically an add-on, we include a white glove approach bundled with most of our internet services. When it comes to setting up new devices, we offer a comprehensive service that's seamlessly integrated with our internet packages. From managing passwords and scheduling internet access for different users to safeguarding your network against scammers and malware, our team at IWantWireless.ca provides both cutting-edge software solutions and hands-on support. Whether you prefer to have complete control or want us to handle everything for you, we've got you covered!

What data limits should I expect?

Today, unlimited data—with no data caps—is the service standard for high-speed internet in Canada. And with the right provider, unlimited data is cheap and accessible on any budget. Instead of charging overage fees, IWantWireless.ca offers unlimited data with a fair use policy. This means the smaller packages will throttle back speed if someone is using it like crazy, but this keeps the network fast for all without creating surprise bills for anyone.

Do you have an SLA (Service Level Agreement), if so what is it?

An SLA outlines a company’s quality commitment. IWantWireless.ca offers an industry-leading 99.99% SLA, so your services are assured performance and guaranteed uptime.

Are there any other fee's outside of the monthly package I choose?

Some other fee's can be incurred in certain situations. A few examples of these would be:

  • An add on fee, if you choose to add an additional service outside of what's included in your monthly package (ex: a VOIP Phone plan)
  • A NSF fee if you have automatic payments set up and they don't go through because of non-sufficient funds
  • A service call fee (this would only incur if you had agreed to have a Technician come to your property to fix something broken by you (ex: you cut the cable going to your router by accident) or you've hired us for additional setup outside of our regular installation.
  • Cancellation fee, if you've signed a contract with us and discontinue your service before the agreed upon time
  • Re-connect fee, if you turn back on your service that had been paused (ex. at a vacation property you don't need service at all year round).

For a full list of fee's that can incur please read our _____