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I Want Wireless.ca LTD
Box 329 - Debolt, AB  T0H 1B0
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VoIP Phone Included Features

• SIM Ring: Allows for multiple phones to ring at the same time. Use with your mobile phone,
or an alternate number. Never miss a call again.

• Call Rejection: Choose when you would like to accept calls

• Selective Call Rejection: Choose specific numbers that you would no longer like to receive
calls from. Great for avoiding telemarketers!

• Call Barring: Block outgoing calls based on your specifications

• Call Display

• Call Forwarding

• Selective Call Forwarding

• No Answer Transfer

• Voicemail (Voicemail to email)

• Call Waiting

• "Find Me Follow Me" Try one number, if no answer, dials next on list.

• Priority Call

• Call Rejection

• Selective Call Rejection

• Call Barring (Outgoing)

• Withhold number (Outgoing)

• Distinctive Ring (smart ring)

• Withhold number (Outgoing)

• Distinctive Ring (smart ring)

Addon Features

• Personal Toll Free

• Fax to PDF                                                                                                                                                                                            
9-1-1 emergency service over a VoIP phone

(Broadband Internet) has certain limitations compared to Enhanced 9-1-1 services available
on traditional phones. It is important that you understand and agree to the conditions and
limitations regarding 9-1-1 service outlined in this service agreement update.

In order for I Want Wireless Ltd. to supply your VoIP service, you must read and expressly
consent to the terms and conditions contained in this document by returning a signed copy
this agreement by mail to I Want Wireless.

I Want Wireless
Suite 540, Alberta Ave
Debolt, Alberta
T0H 1B0

We will include VoIP 9-1-1 Warning stickers to be prominently displayed on your VoIP
telephone sets.